The soulful and haunting sounds of the bagpipes express feelings that words alone may fail to convey. BAGPIPE PLAYER AT FUNERAL
Bagpipe music at a funeral Music is an important part of any funeral service. The bagpipes have been commemorating the loss of our loved ones with music at funeral services for hundreds of years. Many people associate bagpipes with funerals. This is because they powerfully touch our deepest emotions. Funeral music is one way that we let family and friends know that their normal and necessary emotions of grief, which music tends to draw forth, are welcome. This music can be played in the church or other building where the funeral service is held, but also as the coffin is being borne to its final resting place in the graveyard or the crematorium.
It is ‘live’ music that I bring. Live music is pure and comes close to the heart. Music releases something different from text and touches deeper emotions. Friends and relatives can physically focus on something, there is contact. This in contrast to distant electronically generated music from loudspeakers. The energy emanating from living music directly influences the energy of the farewell service.
Marching in front of the funeral bus
Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Funeral on a winter day
Upon arrival at the crematorium, Schiedam
Here’s a video of it:
Video of the well known tune Amazing Grace when bringin in the deceased in the church:
Another beautiful tune, Iain Ruaidh’s Lament:
‘Lights Out’ when arriving at the cemetary,  Gouda:
Funeral in St. Willibrordus Basilica, Hulst, Dutch Flander. Here I play ‘Highland Cathedral’. Febr. 2022
PIPER GARETH FRASER  BAPPIPE PLAYER IN ORIGINAL SCOTTISH HIGHLAND DRESS Dressed in tartan with shining silver ornaments, the thrilling sound of the Scottish bagpipe music, filling the the air and enchanting the audience. .
Amazing Grace while lowering the coffin. Nature cemetary
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A commemoration is reflecting on an important history of one or more persons, place or country. More than any other instrument the Scottish bagpipes are able of evoking emotions and make you think of the past: